Networking & linkages



  • 1 NATSAP – Network against trafficking and sexual exploitation in A.P- Ongole
  • 2 DNACSET- Network against commercial sexual exploitation and trafficking- Mumbai
  • 3 ATSEC- Action against Trafficking and sexual Exploitation - Kolkata
  • 4 ECFF- East Coast Fisher Peoples Forum
  • 5 A.P. Alliance for Child Rights – Hyderabad
  • 6 ECRC – East Coast Regional Consortium on Climate Change Adaptation

Global Linkages

  • Global Social Summit, at Copenhagen
  • Second world conference on global Peace at Hague
  • Workshop on World Peace and Non-violence, at Delhi
  • United Nations Conference on Environment and Development at Rio
  • Conference on Education, communication and Development at Toranto
  • AGS initiated and organized in collaboration with UNESCO a conference on World Peace and Non-Violence at Delhi,

    inaugurated by Sri.Krishna Kanth, Vice President of India and presided over by Dr. Karan Singh. Shri. G.Sivarama Murthy projected the Gandhian perspective of World Peace and Non- Violence.

  • Post Tsunami Summit, Jakarta
  • Post Tsunami Mini Lakes conference, SriLanka